Thursday, March 27, 2008

We're Bloggin Now...

Hey Everyone! I guess I finally caught on to the personal website/blogging age! Woohoo go me! This post actually wont be very long because I have a class in about 30 mintues. But , I wanted to give everyone an update on me!

In case you didn't know, Im currently up at NAU (Northern Arizona Unveristy) working towards my degree in Biology with an emphasis on Zooloy. It's my first semester up here, and it's been an adventure. I have now lived in snow, which I love except the ice that comes with it. I also had my very first snow day! It'll be exciting when I have kids and I can be like , "Yes, Mom actually had a snow day in Az.". Im living with four other girls an apartment right across campus- seriously like 30 steps is NAU grounds. The apartment is cute, and I have my own room...well "cave". It's like a little room but 2x smaller and the cieling is doll house effect, I can walk about 5 steps in and will hit my head on the cieling. The NAU campus is beautiful and just the right size! I also like the professors and my classes so far. My favorite being Behavior of Animals.

My family is doing pretty good. We've had rough patches lately, but Im hoping everything will get better soon. It's hard being away from home from my family (especially my dog) and friends, but I know this is where I need to be right now.

Well I need to head to class, but I'll update later about my spring break!

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